Epic Cheese Board 101

Are you hosting an upcoming party? Don’t know what to serve as an appetizer? I think cheese boards are fantastic, and they are so fun to assemble. They are colorful, beautiful, and have loads of variety. While your guests will think you spent hours on it, in reality, they are really easy to put together and there’s no cooking involved (which is great if your oven is already being used for the main course)! 

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Rainbow Ricotta Toast

These toasts are incredibly easy to put together for a family brunch or a regular weekday morning. It’s also a perfect meal to invite your little ones to help with (or make on their own, depending on their age).

Have you heard  the phrase, “eat the rainbow”? It’s a catchy way of inspiring us to eat a vast array of colors because the color of the food you eat has a lot to do with the nutritional value it contains. So, to ensure you get a variety of vitamins and minerals, you should be eating lots of colorful fruits and vegetables. Continue reading “Rainbow Ricotta Toast”

Rainbow Hummus

  1. Beetroot Hummus
  2. Turmeric & Cumin Hummus
  3. Spinach & Basil Hummus

You can whip up these 3 colorful hummus recipes in no time using regular hummus as a base. I used a 16 oz store bought container, and divided it up in thirds to make all three of these beautiful hummus recipes. Continue reading “Rainbow Hummus”